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New Logo & Patch Contest

Design the Five Creeks Logo

Be among the heros, and help design a logo/patch for our district.

General Rules (last updated 2021-MAR-27):

  1. All submission are due by April 16, 2021 at 23:59 (EST)
  2. Submissions will be reviewed by the Five Creeks District Committee, and narrowed down to a small list for final voting
  3. Final winner will be announced late April
  4. Valid submissions can be from a youth, adult, or as a unit.  If a unit, please select one person as the contact on behalf of that unit.
  5. Logo design should be submitted in JPG or PNG.
  6. If you have a high resolution or rasterized version, please keep that for use later if selected.
  7. If you win... then you get bragging rights, but that's about it.  You get no money, no exchange for camp funds, and no financial benefit.  Chris Jackson will think you are awesome, but that's about it.


Name (first & last please):


Select image to upload (JPG or PNG only):

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